Expert Witness Testimony and Aeromedical Legal Consultation

Aeromedical considerations are often critical in legal proceedings related to an aircrew’s ability to maintain FAA medical certification or as part of an aviation mishap investigation.  In order for one to perform piloting duties, each individual must maintain both pilot and current FAA medical certification.

AMAS physicians have a broad range of expertise as it relates to aeromedical issues.  Our physicians have provided expert witnesses testimony and consultation in cases related to FAA medical certification issues including pilot disability.  Our physicians have a wide range of human factor experience in fatal and non-fatal aviation mishap investigation both civilian and military.

The AMAS physicians have consulted in a broad range of legal cases to include labor grievance and arbitration hearings, medically related sections of contract negotiations, FAA administrative sanctions, DOT drug and alcohol testing procedures, human factors, and all aspects of obtaining and maintaining FAA medical certification.

Our physicians are able to provide case document review and a written opinion when requested.  Depositions and testimony are provided as required.  Fees are charged on a case-by-case basis.  Services are provided by way of a retainer agreement.  An initial engagement letter, retainer request and current fees will be provided upon request for service.  For more information on these services, please contact our office at (720) 857-6117 or send an email to

A profile of each AMAS physician’s background and experience is available below:

Quay C. Snyder, MD, MSPH

W. Keith Martin, MD, MPH

Phillip E. Parker, MD, MPH

Kurt D. McCartney, MD, MPH

Jon M. Riccitello, MD, MPH

AnnMarie B. Stokes, MD



I have worked with AMAS for several years. There is no need to look elsewhere; they are the best in their field. They have assisted me in maintaining my special issuance 2nd Class Medical with great medical expertise. Many thanks AMAS, keep up the great work!
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