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AMAS is your trusted source for confidential risk-free assistance with the FAA medical certification process. Whether you’re a private pilot, a corporate flight department, union group or an aviation association, you can rely on us to help you chart a clear course through the complex FAA regulatory system. As aviation experts, we employ a full-time team of board-certified aerospace medicine physicians with a wealth of commercial and military experience. But, as medical service providers, we also believe in continuity of care – so we’ll work directly with your current health care professionals to get the information we need to keep you in the air. Online, on the phone or in person, we’re here for you.

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For the 15 years I have been living in the US, I have to say AMAS is the most professional group I have been in touch with “period”!! The dedication and care is very obvious and the processing speed is remarkable quick – you are a true role model.
Martin Moeller, Chairman, Nordic Aviation Capital