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Proudly serving NATCA Membership since 2003

The AMAS team is proud to be the aeromedical service provider for the NATCA controllers.  The NATCA Confidential Questionnaire is provided for NATCA members in good standing who wish to submit a question. This service is provided as a no-cost member benefit. Once submitted, a physician will respond within 2 business days.


To assist you in determining how to report medical conditions & for guidance to your treating provider for clinical documentation of your condition, please see the following articles:

Tips For Reporting Physician Visits on the FAA Medical Application
RFS Request for Clinical Status Report (CSR)– Example Only

ATCS Medication List

Current HR guidance requires reporting of all prescription AND over the counter medications to supervisors before return to safety sensitive duty. The following guidelines may assist controllers and their supervisors in determining if a medication is allowed, but remember that even if a medication is typically allowed, the underlying condition may be disqualifying. The following link contains medication information specific for Air Traffic Control duty (note that even if allowed for ATCS duty, medication use must be reported to your supervisor or the Regional Flight Surgeon before return to controlling):
Therapeutic Drug Guidelines for ATCS: Revised 11 Aug 23

ATCS Physical Standards

Medical Standards for ATC 3930.3b effective 7/20/2012  replaced July 2019

Medical Standards for ATC 3930.3C effective 6/17/2019
Medical Standards for Terminal and En Route Centers for ATC Positions FAA Brochure
Order JO 7210.3AA Facility Operation & Administration, Mar 29, 2018 – Medical Chapt 2 Section 8
Human Resource Policy Manual (HRPM), Standards of Conduct
HRPM Human Resources Operating Instructions for Drugs & Alcohol – Jul 08
Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace, DOT Order 3910.1c Apr 2006
DOL FMLA Leave Benefits
NATCA/FAA Contract “Imposed Work Rules” – June 2006 – Note these have been superseded by new contract

Contact Us

Members can also contact our office at (720) 857-6117 for assistance. We can be reached Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm (MDT) and voicemail is available after hours.

To submit records – scan and email to doctors@aviationmedicine.com or fax to (720) 343-2865

If you have lost or forgotten your membership number, please contact NATCA membership services at 1-800-266-0895.


I strongly encourage all NATCA members to make AMAS one of their most trusted resources. They are there to help you with any questions you have and will maintain a professional, confidential setting to have these very important conversations.
Paul Rinaldi, President, NATCA

AMAS is one of NATCA’s most valuable benefits. When facing a medical qualification issue that affects the future of our member’s career, AMAS provides board-certified, respected doctors to assist in answering questions and representing our members. The service that they provide is the best in the industry, and we are glad to have AMAS as a Benefit Partner of NATCA!
John Bratcher, Chairman, National Benefits Committee, NATCA