AME Guide, Part 67 and FAA Resources

14 CFR Part 67

The aeromedical certification standards for airmen can be found in 14 CFR Part 67 through the following link:
Part 67 – Medical Standards And Certification

AME Guide

Those broad reaching standards are further refined in the official guidance for AME’s in the following link:
Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners

FAA Links

The links below contain some general information on a variety of subjects as posted by the FAA.

FAA Civil Aeromedical Institute (CAMI)

Get Copies of Airman Certification Records

Aviation Medical Examiner Training

Regional Flight Surgeon Contact Information

Industry Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

Some of the more commonly encountered questions regarding aeromedical certification can be found at the following FAA website:

Pilot Medical Certification- Frequently Asked Questions

Deaf Pilot Frequently Asked Questions

Sport Pilot Frequently Asked Questions