You’re Never Flying Solo

AMAS is proud to be the only aeromedical consultancy staffed exclusively by physicians specializing in aviation medicine. Our physicians specialize in obtaining rapid dispositions and providing informed advocacy between our clients and the FAA Aeromedical Certification Division, and are dedicated to delivering all information in complete confidentiality. Don’t let uncertainties about reporting medical conditions put your certification at risk—consult an AMAS physician about any health concerns right away. With AMAS, you’re never flying solo.

Not sure if your condition is an issue? Our physicians are a just a click away. Simply select and complete the appropriate AMAS Confidential Questionnaire. A certified AMAS physician will respond within two business days through a confidential email.


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I have worked with AMAS for several years. There is no need to look elsewhere; they are the best in their field. They have assisted me in maintaining my special issuance 2nd Class Medical with great medical expertise. Many thanks AMAS, keep up the great work!
Robert DeFord, Fairey Firefly and Spitfire MK9 Wings Over Gillespie 2012