Information When You Need It

Welcome to the AMAS Resources Library: a reference repository for pilots, controllers and AMEs. In it, you’ll find information about aeromedical certification—including links to recognized authorities in aerospace medicine and the FAA. As consultants who straddle the medical and aeromedical worlds, the AMAS team strongly believes in the power of proactivity. We encourage all pilots and controllers to explore the aeromedical implications of specific medical conditions EARLY, using information compiled from qualified aviation medicine specialists and authorities. We hope you will use this library as a springboard for the discussion of medical concerns with both your treating and aeromedical physicians.

Aeromedical References
FAA Reference Page

I am well beyond amazed — I have never seen anyone deal with government better or more efficiently.  I can only say that any pilot I talk to about FAA issues gets referred to your company.  My Top Gun hat is off to you and your staff.
George Jerome, Pilot