Captain Deeanne Renee Colwell | United Airlines (retired)

To Dr. Parker and the entire Aviation Medicine Advisory Service team:

It is with much gratitude that I express how grateful I am for all of the professional support that you have given me over the last years of my aviation career.

While flying as a pilot for a major US air carrier, I came out to the community as a transgender woman. The anxiety and fears for dealing with the FAA and the medical and psychological issues were overwhelming.

In 2009 I finally got the courage to contact the aero-medical department in Colorado. After speaking with an intake person and receiving a call from Dr. Parker, it was like a great weight was removed from my spirit. Although there was some turbulence along this route, your entire team was very professional and encouraging all the way through my surgical procedures in 2012. As a result I was able to continue my career and remain on the flight deck.

In closing I will say, the professional care, understanding and kindness that I received was priceless. I would also say that if there are any other aviation professionals who are going through the same experience, please contact Aviation Medicine Advisory Service. This service is there for you. Also, if I can be of any help to someone feel free to contact me at md80_pilot@comcast.net.

Thank you, AMAS.



Robert Boyd, Ph.D | Private Pilot

As a third class pilot with approximately 750 hours total time, including an instrument rating, I lost my current medical mainly because of sleep apnea. I found the entire process of obtaining and maintaining a special medical issuance certificate to be confusing, onerous, and ultimately I was unsuccessful in dealing with the FAA physicians. After a frustrating two years, I contacted Aviation Medicine Advisory Service (AMAS).

Dr. Paula Corrigan and the competent staff at AMAS changed this! She provided me with medical information, knowledge of how the special issuance process worked, referral to local doctors in my area, and emotional guidance and support. In part based on Dr. Corrigan’s help, I was able to resolve the medical problems associated with my sleep apnea and AMAS resubmitted a new application to the FAA. In my case, Dr. Corrigan presented a detailed cover letter addressing each point raised in previous correspondence from the FAA doctors, accompanied with nine medical document attachments.

In general, I found the AMAS staff to be efficient, courteous, competent, highly responsive, professional, and I highly recommend them without any reservations.

I am more than happy to talk with anyone who is considering using AMAS. I am a clinical and forensic psychologist in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I can be reached by telephone (925) 330-6932 or email (roboyd55@gmail.com )



Steve Lepkowski | Vice President, Aviation | Sony Aviation

Since 2001, the physicians and staff at Aviation Medicine Advisory Service have provided outstanding support to our flight department. As the pilot group aged we have experienced the normal share of physical problems and corrective surgeries. Our association with AMAS alleviated stress in dealing with these ailments by educating the pilot’s concerns, providing a path that included the necessary medical steps to retain flight status as well as minimizing downtime due to errors in the level of medical care and FAA paperwork required from non-AME physicians and medical specialists. From a management point of view, AMAS has been a key resource in keeping our department safe and our pilots healthy and flying.



Sandra Y. Joubert | Mother of Young Hopeful Pilot

The first time we talked on the phone about Jackson’s situation, you were a little hesitant simply because you know how strict the FAA is with ADD. I personally felt he had outgrown it and somehow I was able to convince you to at least give his case a try. You told me from the beginning that this was going to be a long journey for all of us and not to expect overnight success. This was going to take many months to accomplish….if it were even possible. The last 11 months have been some of the most difficult I’ve ever experienced as a parent but I know it was even harder for Jackson. He had to start his junior year of high school (typically the most difficult year of high school) without any medication for the first time since 3rd grade, he took several AP courses and also began working this year as well (saving money for flight lessons). With all of that, his grade point only dropped to a 3.25!! I am so very proud of him!

I want to thank you and the entire staff at AMAS for the wonderful work you did in helping Jackson get back on track of his dream of hopefully becoming an airline pilot someday. This was completely uncharted water for me but you basically held my hand through each step of the process and explained it to me in terms that I could understand. As a flight attendant for American Airlines, I’ve spoken with many pilots I’ve flown with about Jackson’s situation. Every single one of them said, “If you’ve hired AMAS, then you’ve hired the best there is! If there’s a way to get Jackson’s medical certificate back, they will be the ones to figure out how to do it…..and they’ll get it done!” Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the hard work, dedication and professionalism you put into the case of a 17 year old young man with big dreams for his future. Without AMAS, I don’t think theses dreams would have ever become a reality for him…..but because of AMAS I’m 100% sure they will. Thank you again!



Roscoe Gray | Private Pilot

After having my original application for FAA Medical Certification denied, I remember thinking that obtaining my medical was not possible. After doing some research, I was directed to contact Aviation Medicine Advisory Services (AMAS). After my initial consultation, their staff advised me of what I needed to do in order to obtain my goals. Their knowledge of the processes involved and unmatched professional services allowed me to obtain a Special Issuance and work on achieving my goals. I’m now a Private pilot and I am continuing to work on Commercial and CFI ratings. This would not be possible without the expert guidance of the professional staff at AMAS. I am so grateful that there was help out there for me and I don’t know where I’d be today without it. Thank you to everyone at AMAS for making my dreams a reality!



Louis Colombo | Private Pilot

“I have used Aviation Medicine Advisory Service (AMAS) three times for assistance with my flight physical. The first dealt with failing to report sleep apnea and the other two were much more serious and were cancer related. In all three cases, the Doctors and Staff at AMAS guided me through the process of getting a Special Issuance (SI) letter that allowed me to continue my flying career. The FAA issued my last SI that involved cancer in just two weeks after my information was submitted.

I was most impressed with their knowledge and complete understanding of the documentation the FAA required. Their response to any questions I had was immediate. Once I followed their detailed guidance and submitted all the documentation, they immediately sent the package off to the FAA. In all three occasions, the submissions were so complete that the FAA medical team was completely satisfied and no follow-up documents were necessary.

AMAS’ response to any questions I had was immediate. AMAS’ professionalism was a great comfort to me during a very stressful time in my aviation career. I strongly recommend seeking their advice should any pilot face medical issues. They have my highest confidence.”



Michael Kaplan CEO The M. Kaplan Companies, L.L.C.

“My heart felt thanks to you and your fine staff in assisting and helping with my annual renewal of my medical. You and your entire company are a pleasure to work with.”



Marilyn Eberhardt Grateful Wife of P51 Pilot

The Eberhardt Family Warbird Formation

“Dear Dr. Parker, this is our second testimonial…my husband is a retired airline pilot and at 74, still races our P51 at the Reno National Air Races and flies a dual controlled P51 for the nonprofit Collings Foundation…he has had major medical issues including open heart surgery and prostate cancer…without you and AMAS dealing with the FAA for him, he would no longer be flying anything. We are forever in your debt.”



Captain Thurman Mason Allegiant Air Flight Operations

Dr. McCartney, I would like to express my most sincere gratitude for the excellent work you and your team did in assisting me with the successful pursuit of my S1 Medical certificate.  I retained the services of AMAS in early December 2013.  I received my S1 authorization in mid March 2014; approximately 90 days later.  I am very impressed with the work of AMAS, in particular, how you were so proactive in keeping me informed about the status of my case and the prompt attention you gave to my phone calls whenever I reached out to you.  As a satisfied customer, I will be a very strong advocate for AMAS going forward.  Thank you again.



Robert DeFord Spitfire Pilot

Fairey Firefly and Spitfire MK9 Wings Over Gillespie 2012

“I have worked with Aviation Medicine Advisory Service, previously Virtual Flight Surgeons for several years. There is no need to look elsewhere; they are the best in their field. They have assisted me in maintaining my special issuance Second Class Medical Certificate with great medical expertise. I feel confident that in the years ahead they will continue to assist me staying airborne. Many thanks Aviation Medicine Advisory Service, keep up the great work!”



Mark W. Spelts Business Owner

“Aviation Medicine Advisory Service is absolutely the best. After a regularly scheduled colonoscopy in September of 2010, I was informed they found a tumor in my rectum. Within days I was told it was not good news. While undergoing my first rounds of chemo and radiation a fellow pilot suggested I call AMAS to assist me in getting my medical back once I all my treatments were completed. Seventeen months later, after multiple surgeries and more chemo and radiation than I would recommend to anyone, I was cancer free. Dr. McCartney worked with me diligently during my treatments and within 48 hours of my last round of chemo, my packet was submitted to the FAA. Within weeks I had my medical back and was flying again solo. During my treatments I submitted to AMAS over 550 pages of medical records and reports. AMAS assembled them in the proper way the FAA wants them and the evidence in that was how quickly they returned my medical. To date I have the largest file ever submitted by AMAS to the FAA Dr. McCartney tells me. I hope yours is smaller than mine.  I can’t tell you how blessed we were to get a recommendation to use AMAS. You won’t be sorry if you put them to work on your behalf. Best money I have spent in a long time.  Thanks again!”



Philip Arndt Lead Principal Software and Electrical Engineer  

“These guys get the job done!

By pure chance, my local primary physician scheduled me for a stress test after I complained of having a bronchial infection. The stress test came back showing a LAD blockage of over 90%. I was immediately admitted to our local hospital and started on heparin until transported the next day to Springfield, Massachusetts hospital for a catheterization and stent insertion. I was discharged the next day and sent to physical rehabilitation (there was really nothing to rehabilitate). Through all this, I really felt no adverse effects of any kind except the first indication of maybe a cold on the first day. The stress test was accomplished almost a week later with no symptoms of any kind. Now the trouble with the FAA begins. After waiting 6 months or so, I scheduled a physical with a flight surgeon to get May 3rd class medical back. This required another stress test with a nuclear scan. The stress test showed no EKG problems but did show a very small amount of ischemia. Thus began the problems with the FAA who summarily rejected my 3rd class without a cardiology board. Additionally, FAA Regional Flight Surgeon Dr. Clark reviewed and approved my potential 3rd class certificate. I can’t say enough about Dr. Clark who talked to me at length and offered to assist me with getting the 3rd medical. About this time, my cardiologist was having enough of the FAA not believing that she also certified that this should not have been an issue with respect to obtaining the 3rd medical. Now I had my cardiologist, my local flight surgeon and the regional FAA flight surgeon all trying to help me get my medical. I was up against the wall and went to my medical assistance policy with AOPA.  AOPA when called only gave me song and verse from the FAA point of view. Whose side were they on anyway?

I then contacted Aviation Medicine Advisory Service (AMAS). Finally I got valuable help from Dr. Jon Riccitello of AMAS. He not only was very instrumental in helping, but is the only reason that I got my 3rd class back. Dr. Riccitello spent many an hour trying to get everyone to supply the correct information and then actually doing it. My cardiologist had “copped an attitude” and was very disgusted with the FAA at this point. The AMAS (Dr. Riccitello) was liaison between me and the FAA including Dr. Clark. Within about 4 months of haggling, another stress test (nuclear came back clean) and a letter from my cardiologist (against her will), I got the approval and issuance of my 3rd medical with the requirement that it was only good for a year and must be reestablished with another stress test this August with only a strip and not the nuclear scan.  Everyone: Keep up the diet and exercise even if test do come back negative!

Thank all those at AMAS and particularly Dr. Riccitello for a fantastic job. Now I can continue my involvement with “Angel Flight” taking medical patients to the facilities they need.”



Steven Siry Retired Los Angeles City Elementary School Principal Private Pilot, Commercial, Instrument, Multi-Engine Contact

“I have worked with Drs. Snyder and Corrigan of Aviation Medicine Advisory Service for over three years. We were recently successful in that the FAA has granted me a “Special Issuance” for a Class III medical certificate. The Aviation Medicine Advisory Service never gave up on my case and led me through a very tedious process in order for me to re-attain my medical clearance, and most importantly, my privilege to fly. I have a history of depression and my case was difficult to ameliorate with the FAA. I am extremely thankful for all of the advice and technical assistance that the Doctors at Aviation Medicine Advisory Service gave me and I would not have been successful without their diligence and encouragement relative to my case.  I strongly recommend their services to any aviator who has lost his/her medical certification.”



Warren Wood Owner Jet Prop International Angel Flight West Chairman wwood@mbay.net

“In early 2003, I was diagnosed with coronary artery disease and had an angioplasty and successful stent placement in one of my arteries. Of course I was immediately disqualified from flying as PIC and had to allow my medical certificate to lapse. This was particularly difficult for me as I am a very active pilot for Angel Flight, and the thought of discontinuing my flying for this fine organization, not to mention all the other flying I do, was hard for me to accept. I knew that the process of reestablishing my flying privileges was long and cumbersome, entailing additional, paperwork and time, with the outside chance that I would be unsuccessful in convincing the FAA to grant me a new medical certificate. I was not looking forward to that task. However, through Angel Flight I was introduced to Virtual Flight Surgeons (now AMAS), a group that has assisted other Angel Flight pilots with disqualifying medical conditions. With AMAS’s valuable assistance and advice, I was able to obtain the relevant documents and testing data, which was then submitted to the FAA in Oklahoma City in the proper format, and received my waiver for a second-class medical certificate shortly thereafter. Although it may have been possible for me to navigate the process by myself, the AMAS team made the entire process relatively painless and much less time consuming. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to any pilot faced with the same or similar problems as mine.”



Joseph Haycraft US National Champion – Sportsman Category

“My personal flight surgeon is just a phone call or email away.”



Jere B. Cobb ATP/CFII

“I received a pacemaker implant about three years ago and expected to lose my medical which I have had since my flying career began in 1958. I tried another service with marginal results then one of my ex PanAm friends, who is also a client of yours, recommended your service. I am now working on my second First Class Medical and see no reason why this won’t continue. AMAS and Dr. Snyder have been most helpful and easy to work with and I would sincerely recommend their services to any airman who has an unusual or difficult medical problem.”



Tom Butcher Captain

“I would like Dr. Snyder and the staff at Aviation Medicine Advisory Service for the professional handling of my medical case with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Your ability to review the required documentation, make medical recommendations for my doctors and present it to the FAA in the proper format was a key factor in obtaining my First Class Medical recertification most expeditiously. I especially appreciate your guidance in preparation for my 12-month interval physical allowing the process to proceed smoothly and without interruption of my flying.

Furthermore, when the FAA misplaced some of my paperwork your organization’s affective liaison with the FAA permitted the process to move forward with minimal delay. Additionally, your staff’s weekly updates were invaluable. They kept me and my employer up to date on the progress of my case.

Please forward my gratitude to the staff at Aviation Medicine Advisory Service for their assistance. Your professionalism and assistance is very much appreciated. I would highly recommend your services to any airman requiring assistance in obtaining or maintaining their flight status due to a medical condition.”



Justin W. Voller President Rocketman Jet Services, Inc.

“I am writing this letter as a debt of gratitude. I was referred to Aviation Medical Advisory Service approximately three years ago by Kent Jackson. I had suffered from a Vertebral Artery Dissection in 2010. This was caused by chiropractic manipulation of the neck.

After a week of hospitalization I was forced to concede my medical. It was a very horrible day turning in that little piece of paper and I found myself in a depression state of mind. It was as if everything I had worked for over the years was just ripped from my fingertips. To sit and wait is impossible for me so I was now challenged to get my medical back! So I spoke with Dr. Snyder quite a few times and he helped me contact the right people. He reviewed my documents and suggested I take specific testing and exams to prove my well-being.

Dr. Snyder was full of empathy and understood the passion I had for aviation. This career was my dream since I was a little tyke. Dr. Snyder offered great guidance and surely didn’t sugar coat anything. He told me what type of scenarios I would face and worked eagerly to assist the Psychologist and Neurosurgeons to assure we had all our information correctly in place. The information turned out to be quite detailed to help the FAA understand my scenario.

Without Dr. Snyder and his group of peers I may still be struggling to have my medical reinstated. I was told we had great letters of examination, proven testing, and 3D images of my brain. All the information gathered under Dr. Snyder’s lead helped reinstate my medical within six months. My clients, friends, and copilots were absolutely surprised and thrilled I made it back so quickly. Without the team at AMAS I may still be waiting for reinstatement!  Thank you Aviation Medical Advisory Services! Thank you, Dr. Snyder for your outstanding advice, great empathy, unconditional tenacity, and kindness. I am proud to be a member of AMAS.”



Claudio W. Bellotto Founder and Owner HeliTahoe Helicopters and HeliMinden

“It is with a great pleasure and honor that I write this testimonial for Aviation medicine.  My name is Claudio W. Bellotto, founder and owner of HeliTahoe Helicopters and HeliMinden, a company based out of South Lake Tahoe CA, with a branch in Minden NV.  We specialize in helicopter tours, aerial photography, filming and we are also the only flight training facility in USA and Canada located at 6,400 ft MSL. As you can imagine we keep very busy, and it is of paramount importance that we maintain our medical certificates updated and valid.

Last year, my medical was put on hold due to a wrong and unprofessional evaluation related to my physical condition.  I have contacted Aviation Medicine, and that was the best decision I have ever made. They advocated my case with the FAA, they have followed the entire process very closely, providing me with weekly updates, and after less than 2 months I had my medical reinstated.

I strongly recommend this wonderful and dedicated team of professionals to anybody who may encounter problems with FAA medicals. It is my unshakable belief I could not have gotten a more result-driven company anywhere else.  I am available to speak with anybody interested in my experience with Aviation Medicine, and welcome any request for further detailed recommendations and can be reached at (530) 318-4635.”



Bill Pollard CAM PILOTS2GO Contract Pilot Service

“Dr. Snyder and the employees of Aviation Medicine Advisory Services saved my aviation life. I was back flying only nine months after a kidney transplant. You caught a mistake in my medical paperwork that would have cost me added months of downtime, and probably my job. That was five years ago and I have not missed one day of flying since my transplant medical reinstatement.  Thank you.”



Ralph Link Manager Flight Operations Growmark, Inc.

“My first contact with Virtual Flight Surgeons (now AMAS) was in 2004, about a year after I suffered a mild heart attack. I’m confident that without the help of Dr. Snyder and the AMAS team, I would still be floundering around with the FAA trying to get back my medical certificate. They are professional, knowledgeable and thorough in their approach of assisting clients in re-instatement of their medical certificate.”



Captain Thurman Mason Allegiant Air Flight Operations

Dr. McCartney, I would like to express my most sincere gratitude for the excellent work you and your team did in assisting me with the successful pursuit of my S1 Medical certificate.  I retained the services of AMAS in early December 2013.  I received my S1 authorization in mid March 2014; approximately 90 days later.  I am very impressed with the work of AMAS, in particular, how you were so proactive in keeping me informed about the status of my case and the prompt attention you gave to my phone calls whenever I reached out to you.  As a satisfied customer, I will be a very strong advocate for AMAS going forward.  Thank you again.



Tony Yushinsky NATCA

“I am the NATCA Representative at Albany Tower and have been an activist in NATCA for the past 15 years. Signing on with Virtual Flight Surgeons (now AMAS) is, hands down, the best thing we have done for our membership. I have referred several members to AMAS and all have been very happy with the expeditious, clear and concise replies. I had to contact AMAS recently for my own issue.  Doctor Snyder replied via e-mail (as requested).  I received a response within an hour.  I was very impressed at the clarity and completeness of the response. I am now at ease with having the procedure.  I am also at ease with my return to work after the fact. I also had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Snyder speak at a NATCA seminar in New Jersey. VERY informative. Thank you for all you do!”



Captain Patrick Altree CFII,MEI,ATP, EMB-120,CL-65

“I’ve always wanted to be an airline pilot. Ever since I can remember and as my family will affirm, even earlier than that I’ve wanted to fly planes.  After several years of hard work and some very fortunate events, I achieved my dream. I owned a home, had a family, and worked for one of the most respected airlines in the country.

One evening as I was watching TV with my kids, I noticed my hand was rocking back and forth involuntarily. If I would move it would go away, only to restart as soon as I would rest again. I began to feel a sense of dread. As we all know, in this business your health is your livelihood. Whatever was wrong with me had to spell disaster for my career.  After several months of extreme denial, I made an appointment with a neurologist. The Doctor performed an examination and observed my movements for some time. Eventually he declared, “I think you have Parkinson’s.” I was 38.  After a second, then third opinion, the truth was undeniable, my life had changed. The question was, how had this changed my career? I decided to find out. I did some research and through a coworker discovered Aviation Medicine Advisory Service.

At first I have to admit I was apprehensive. I was swimming in a sea of questions for which I had very few answers.  From the very beginning my experience with AMAS was positive. I found every member of the team to be respectful, helpful and most of all professional. Emails were answered, voice mails returned, I was made to feel that my case was the most important case they had and that they were determined to have a positive outcome.

Everyone at AMAS that I had contact with seemed to grasp the gravity of the situation and took great care with every detail. They are knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with these types of situations and I was confident that I was being well taken care of.

I was told to expect the waiver process to take 4 to 6 weeks, it turned out to be exactly 5. Once again demonstrating the professionalism and specific knowledge the folks at AMAS have. I have recommended them to a number of friends of mine and will continue to do so. Through their hard work and attention to detail, I was given back my career, thank you AMAS!”



George Jerome | Private Pilot

“Dr. Snyder, I feel compelled to write to you regarding the function of your company. About 6 years ago, after prostate surgery and a clerical error that made it appear I had ischemia, I engaged your company to help me. Dr. Parker took point on that one. I had more than a couple people tell me that my problem with the FAA may well be unsolvable, even though I was dealing with what I knew was a clerical issue, not a medical issue. Dr. Parker, after discussing the problem with the FAA, caused my medical certificate to be overnighted to me from the FAA. Not just delivered, sent over night!

Now, recently, I ran into another problem. I made the mistake of being honest. On my application, I stated that I saw a doctor for back pain. I figured that would be innocuous, everyone my age has back pains now and then. Nope, my AME said I would need a letter from my doctor, and it has to go to Ok city. That was two months ago. I called, nothing. The AME called, nothing. Congressman Henry Waxman [ on the appropriations committee] had his office make inquiries, nothing.

Then I called your office a short while ago – just before Thanksgiving [ a horrible time to get any government office to do anything].  Yesterday, Dr. McCartney called me apologizing for the time it took. A short while ago, I received an email from  AMAS with my certificate!!! I get an apology for time?? A congressional office could do nothing, and you folks came through in nothing flat. I am well beyond amazed. I can only say that any pilot I talk to about FAA issues gets referred to your company. I do not know how you cut through the bureaucratic morass, but I have never seen anyone deal with government better, or more efficiently. I am deeply appreciative of Dr. McCartney’s efforts and success. He was amazing!

My Top Gun hat is off to you and your staff.”