Daniel I. Mirski, MD, MPH

Staff Physician

Dr. Mirski is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara and Albany Medical College. He is a triple board certified physician who has completed medical residencies in Aerospace Medicine, as well as Occupational Medicine and Emergency Medicine. Dr. Mirski is a distinguished graduate of the Master of Public Health program at Harvard University. He has completed his Aerospace Medicine Residency training at the internationally renowned center for aerospace medical learning – USAF School of Aerospace Medicine at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

Dr. Mirski had over 20 years of experience as a flight surgeon in the Air Force before joining the AMAS medical staff. As a hand-selected Thunderbird Flight Surgeon he provided entire spectrum of medical care and advocacy to the elite Thunderbird pilots and the team. He has flown more than 1000 hours in multiple platforms including fighters, heavies and rotary wing aircraft. Dr. Mirski has extensive experience in international health policy making. As a Chief of Aerospace Medicine in Lajes Field AFB, Portugal he devised H1N1 outbreak response and safeguarded 60K+ local population. Later on, he collaborated and developed Ebola patient movement policy at Ramstein AFB, Germany in coordination with NATO. Dr. Mirski is an expert in International Medical Air Evacuation; he coordinated transfer of over 4,000 patients annually from Europe, Africa and the war zone back to the United States. Dr Mirski is a Certified Physician Executive and an Associate Professor at USHUS with wide research experience.