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HIMS Program Outreach – Boeing Training Session, Seattle, WA, July 24-25, 2018

Captain Corey Slone, HIMS Program National Chairman and Dr. Quay Snyder, HIMS Program Manager, will be giving a one day training session at the Boeing Aircraft Company on implementing a cooperative program of peer pilots, safety and company representatives supporting pilots seeking help for substance abuse.  Also participating is Dr. Navjyot Bedi from Talbott Recovery Center. The training is part of the worldwide Outreach program of the FAA’s longstanding and highly regarded HIMS program featured earlier on the CBS Sunday Morning News program.


ALPA Air Safety Forum, Washington, DC, July 30 – August 2, 2018

ALPA Air Safety Forum is an annual international safety forum for airline pilots in Washington, DC and hosted by the Air line Pilots Association, International.  Dr. Snyder, ALPA Aeromedical Advisor, will participate on two panels. Joining Dr. Snyder are Dr. Berry, Captain John Taylor, ALPA’s Pilot Assistance Chairman, First Office Ellen Brinks, ALPA’s Aeromedical Chairman and Marque Malan, ALPA Aeromedical and Human Performance Specialists.  

The first panel, “Meet the Doctors will also have Dr. Michael Berry, the FAA Federal Air Surgeon and The Director of Medicine from Transport Canada.  The second panel, Pilot Peer Support, The Next Phase in ALPA’s Approach to Pilot Wellness is hosted by Captain Joe DePete, ALPA First Vice President.

For more information, please visit http://www.alpa.org/news-and-events/meetings-training/air-safety-forum


HIMS Basic Training Seminar, Denver, CO, September 24-26, 2018

The FAA ALPA HIMS program is beginning its 45th year of educating pilots and health care professionals about the disease of alcohol and substance abuse.  AMAS is hosting the seminar in Denver on September 24-26, 2018 with Captain Corey Slone, ALPA National HIMS Chairman and Dr. Quay Snyder, HIMS Program Manager serving as the coordinators.  Over 400 attendees are expected.

For information on the seminar and registration, please visit www.HIMSprogram.com.




I have worked with AMAS for several years. There is no need to look elsewhere; they are the best in their field. They have assisted me in maintaining my special issuance 2nd Class Medical with great medical expertise. Many thanks AMAS, keep up the great work!
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