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AMAS welcomes our new team member, Program Assistant Dana Stifter!


HIMS Basic Education Training Seminar, Denver, CO, September 2019

The HIMS Basic training seminar was held at the Westin DIA in September.  Over 400 people attended representing many countries, airlines, treatment centers, and aviation medical examiners.    


AMAS welcomes our new team members, Nurse Case Manager Nicolle Lowe and Staff Physician Dr. David Gibson! 


AMAS announces it has renewed it’s contract with ALPA! 


International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine (IAASM), May 2019

IAASM is an international organization of 180 elected Academicians in Aerospace Medicine.  Dr. Snyder serves on the Executive Council which met in May 2019 to develop its strategic plan as well as award scholarships to young scientists and plan its International Congresses in 2019 (Hungary) and 2020 (France). Dr. Snyder will be providing a presentation on the Risks and Benefits of Testing for Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) in aviation in Debrecen, Hungary in September 2019.


International Airline Medicine Association, May 2019

International Airline Medicine Association (formerly Airline Medical Directors Association) – Dr. Snyder serves on the Executive Committee of IAMA and the scientific program committee.  The annual meeting was held in May 2019 and included topics such as Cabin Air Quality, emergency response and passenger safety.


Aerospace Medicine Association (AsMA), May 2019

AsMA held its annual scientific meeting in Las Vegas in May 2019. Dr. Snyder co-chaired ASMA’s Pilot mental Health Working Group with aerospace Medicine physicians from around the globe developing recommendations for an updated position paper on Aviation Mental Health from the organization.  Dr. Snyder also participated in ICAO’s Medical Working groups in Substance Abuse Disorders and Aviation Mental Health.  Over 1300 aerospace medicine specialists attended the meeting.


Flight Safety Foundation Business Aviation Safety Seminar, May 2019

In May 2019, the FSF held its annual Business Aviation Safety Seminar in Denver CO.  Dr. Snyder serves on the FSF’s Business Advisory Committee and gave a presentation on Assessing Personal Fitness for Duty during the Pilot Health panel.


HIMS Advanced Topics Seminar, April 2019

The HIMS Advanced Topics seminar was hosted by Southwest Airlines at their training facility in Dallas on April 1-2, 2019.  Two hundred experienced HIMS volunteers and medical professionals participated.


HIMS Outreach, April & June 2019

AMAS HIMS Program Manager Dr. Quay Snyder and HIMS Chair FO Craig Ohmsieder conducted additional HIMS training at the Cornerstone of Recovery in Knoxville TN in April and for Alaska Airlines in Seattle in June.


ALPA Pilot Assistance Forum, February 2019

Dr. Snyder participated in the Air Line Pilots Association, International Air Safety Forum both as a panelist with the Federal Air Surgeon and ALPA Canada’s medical liaison and as an instructor in the ALPA Pilot Peer Assistance training course.  Dr. Snyder, the FAA’s Dr. Michael Berry, and Canada’s David Noble spoke about a wide range of aeromedical topics and substance abuse/cannabis policies with moderator, Delta FO Ellen Brinks, and took questions from an audience of several hundred attendees.


ALPA Cabin Air Quality and Fatigue Conferences, February 2019

Dr. Snyder participated in ALPA training seminars regarding improving monitoring of cabin air and taking steps to protect pilots from hazards they may experience in the work environment.  Improving safety by combatting fatigue through rulemaking, schedule design, and education is a key aeromedical goal.


Pilot Peer Support Programs – ALPA, Delta, United, February 2019

Dr. Snyder provided instruction at several training courses for Pilot Peer Support Program volunteers in Houston (ExpressJet), Chicago (United’s SOAR program) and Atlanta (Delta’s PAN program) in the first quarter of 2019.  The PPSP is an ALPA effort to provide mental health support to the pilots of all member airlines, regardless of size and resources.  The PPSP is an outgrowth of the FAA Aviation Rulemaking Committee on Pilot Fitness for Duty following the Germanwings tragedy and recommendations by EASA.  The 16-hour course provides pilot volunteers the education and resources to participate in a nationwide network of pilots willing to partner with fellow pilots who may be facing mental stressors and provide them support through their troubled times and advise of additional professional resources when needed.


ALPA Leadership Conference, February 2019

ALPA, Int’l held its annual leadership conference in Herndon VA in February 2019 to train its newly elected national and local leadership on the resources available to them and all pilots.  Dr. Snyder discussed the aeromedical services available to individual members, union leadership and ALPA departments including Engineering and Air Safety, Legal, Communications and Retirement and Insurance.  He also gave presentation to leadership spouses on self-preservation while doing volunteer duties.


Textron Aviation Safety Standdown, January 2019

Dr. Snyder spoke to 200 pilots from Textron (Beech, Cessna, Piper) on strategies for improving personal safety and health and FAA Aeromedical policies in January 2019 for the company’s annual safety standdown.


AMAS welcomes our newest team member, Nurse Case Manager Amanda Goodwin-Watson!



AMAS says farewell to Dr. Dan Mirski.  We wish him all the best in the next chapter of his career. 



AMAS welcomes back a returning team member, Operations Team Member Melissa Fetherolf!



International Congress of Aviation & Space Medicine 2018, Bangkok Thailand, 11-15 November 2018

The International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine held its annual scientific Congress with numerous presentations by academicians and aerospace medicine physicians from around the world.  Dr. Snyder is a Director of the IAASM Council and gave a presentation on “Emerging Best Practices in Pilot Peer Support Programs”.  


Frontier Airline ALPA Pilot Peer Support Training, Aurora CO,  7 November 2018

The Air Line Pilots Association, International Aeromedical Committee gave a one-day training seminar to the pilots peer support volunteers of Frontier Airlines.  The training included scenario-based role-playing, crisis intervention techniques, confidentiality issues, and general mental wellness training.  Dr. Snyder spoke on FAA medical certification standards and reporting requirements.


International Pilot Peer Assist Coalition, Fort Worth TX,  29-30 October 2018

IPPAC was the first international conference addressing pilot peer support programs and mental health wellness in airline operations.  Hosted by the Project Wingman team at American Airlines, representatives from many international airlines, mental health professionals and civil aviation regulatory authorities gave presentations. Dr. Snyder discussed the status of airline pilot peer support programs around the world and unique aspects of some programs in “Looking Forward in Aviation Mental Health”.  


National Safety Forum, Orlando Florida,  18 October 2018

Dr. Snyder gave a presentation on Pilot Fitness for Duty and participated in a panel open to audience questions as part of the National Safety Forum hosted by the National Business Aviation Association’s Safety Committee at the NBAA annual Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition.  Other topics included Fatigue, Mental health and Safety for all aviation personnel including dispatch and maintenance.  Dr. Snyder has been a member of the NBAA Safety Committee since 2002 and recently chaired its Fitness for Duty Working Group for 3 years.  


AMAS welcomes our newest team members, Dr. Dan Mirski and Operations Team Member Marisa Mogg!


HIMS Basic Training Seminar, Denver, CO, September 2018

The FAA ALPA HIMS program had its 45th year of educating pilots and health care professionals about the disease of alcohol and substance abuse.  AMAS  hosted the seminar in Denver on September 24-26, 2018 with Captain Corey Slone, ALPA National HIMS Chairman and Dr. Quay Snyder, HIMS Program Manager who served as the coordinators.  Thank you to all the speakers and HIMS staff who made the seminar a success!


ALPA Air Safety Forum, Washington, DC, July 2018

ALPA Air Safety Forum is an annual international safety forum for airline pilots in Washington, DC and hosted by the Air Line Pilots Association, International.  Dr. Snyder, ALPA Aeromedical Advisor, participated on two panels. Joining Dr. Snyder was Dr. Berry, Captain John Taylor, ALPA’s Pilot Assistance Chairman, First Office Ellen Brinks, ALPA’s Aeromedical Chairman and Marque Malan, ALPA Aeromedical and Human Performance Specialists.  

The first panel, “Meet the Doctors also had Dr. Michael Berry, the FAA Federal Air Surgeon and The Director of Medicine from Transport Canada.  The second panel, Pilot Peer Support, The Next Phase in ALPA’s Approach to Pilot Wellness was hosted by Captain Joe DePete, ALPA First Vice President.


AMAS welcomes our newest team members, Operations Team Members Regina Reed and Victoria Barclay!


HIMS Program Outreach – Boeing Training Session, Seattle, WA, July 2018

Captain Corey Slone, HIMS Program National Chairman and Dr. Quay Snyder, HIMS Program Manager, gave a one-day training session at the Boeing Aircraft Company on implementing a cooperative program of peer pilots, safety and company representatives supporting pilots seeking help for substance abuse.  Dr. Navjyot Bedi from Talbott Recovery Center also participated. The training was part of the worldwide Outreach program of the FAA’s longstanding and highly regarded HIMS program featured on the CBS Sunday Morning News program.


AMAS welcomes our newest team members, Nurse Case Managers Kacey Chadwell and Renee Christopherson!


Aerospace Medical Association Conference, Dallas, TX – May 2018

Dr. Snyder attended meetings of the Airline Medical Directors Association, the Civil Aviation Medical Association and the international scientific convention of the Aerospace Medical Association.  Dr. Snyder co-chaired three panels of experts including one panel on Pilot Fatigue Management Best Practices and two panels on Global Pilot Mental Health Programs. One panel featured medical experts and the other featured pilot and civil aviation regulators internationally discussing the development and implementation of a Peer Mental Health Support Program. Dr. Snyder is the Vice-Chair of AsMA’s Pilot Mental Health Working Group and sits on the AsMA Air Transport Medicine committee which sponsored the panels.


Cornerstone of Recovery, Knoxville, TN – April 2018

The Cornerstone of Recovery in Knoxville, TN hosted a regional HIMS retreat with Dr. Michael Berry, Federal Air Surgeon, Dr. Quay Snyder and other addiction medicine experts discussing current practices, updates and potential improvements to the HIMS program treatment facilities and pilot monitoring.


Casa Palmera Pilot Recovery Retreat, Del Mar, CA – April 2018

Dr. Snyder spoke about the HIMS program at the Casa Palmera Pilot Recovery Retreat in Del Mar, CA and assisted with guiding pilots in recovery from addiction.  He also evaluated chemical dependency treatment centers’ best practices to support pilots and FAA certification.


AMAS is proud to announce the renewal of our clients for the 1st quarter of 2018 – IQVIA Transportation Services Corp. and NetJets Aviation!  Thank you for your continued confidence in Aviation Medicine Advisory Service.


HIMS Advanced Topic Seminar, Memphis, TN – March 2018

The HIMS Advanced Topics Seminar was held in the FedEx Express Experience Center in Memphis, TN to another record crowd.  Representatives from 28 airlines and 5 countries including pilot participants, civil aviation authorities, physicians and treatment center providers attended.  Themes of close monitoring and support of the family of the pilot led the conferences. As with the Basic Seminar, Dr. Quay Snyder, HIMS Program Manager, Captain Corey Slone (United), National Chairman and Captain Marc Grassie (FedEx), HIMS National Vice-Chairman gave presentations and moderated the 2-day conference.


AMAS welcomes our newest team member, Accounting Technician Caitlin Bruton!


ALPA Leadership Conference, Herndon, VA – February 2018

The Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA) conducted its Leadership Training Conference for newly elected union representatives at its Herndon VA headquarters.  Dr. Snyder gave a presentation to the newly elected union officers and a second presentation to the spouses of the officers as to the resources and services available to all ALPA pilots through the AMAS physicians and staff.


AMAS welcomes our newest team member, Medical Records Technician Libby Trujillo!


AMAS is also proud to announce the renewal of our clients for the 4th quarter of 2017 – Abbott Labs, Aviation Leasing Inc., New York Power Authority, and PNC Financial! Thank you for your continued confidence in Aviation Medicine Advisory Service.


AMAS is proud to announce our newest client for the 4th quarter of 2017 – Welcome Sanderson Farms!


UAL Mental Health Conference – December 2017

Dr. Snyder gave presentations and attended the United Airlines Master Executive Council’s initial training for the Pilot Peer Support Program.  Termed SOAR (Support, Outreach, Assistance, Resources), these volunteers provide a network of assistance for those pilots who are facing stressful events in their lives and benefit from a peer pilot to support them.


AMAS welcomes our newest team member, Staff Accountant Faith Leach!


NBAA National Safety Forum, Las Vegas, NV – October 2017

Dr. Snyder participated in a panel and national webinar on pilot fitness on the National Safety Day as part of the National Business Aviation Association’s (NBAA) annual convention. Dr. Snyder was the Chairman of NBAA Safety Committee’s Pilot Fitness Working Group for the previous three years.  The Pilot Fitness working group is developing a resource for all corporate flight departments.


AMAS is proud to announce the renewal of our clients for the 3rd quarter of 2017 – AbbVie US LLC, HANC LLC, Jet There, Molto Capital LLC, and the Professional Helicopter Pilot Association.  Thank you for your continued confidence in Aviation Medicine Advisory Service.


AMAS welcomes our newest team member, Staff Physician Dr. AnnMarie Stokes!


HIMS Basic Seminar, Denver, CO – September 2017

The joint FAA/ALPA HIMS Basic training seminar assisting pilots and families with alcohol and mood altering chemical dependencies return to health and safe flying.  A record number of attendees, over 400 aviation, regulatory and medical participants from over 30 airlines and international carriers attended the conference in Denver, CO.  Dr. Snyder, the FAA/ALPA HIMS Program Manager, and Captain Corey Slone, the HIMS National Chairman, led over 22 speakers over the 3-day seminar with a large group and breakout sessions.  Over 6,000 pilots have been returned to flying after successfully recovering from this disease illustrating the 44-year history of this innovative safety program.


AMAS is proud to announce the renewal of our clients for the 2nd quarter of 2017 – Altria Client Services, Aramco Associated Company, Corning Incorporated, Simon Hangar, PMI Global Services, Procter & Gamble, and Southern Services Company!  Thank you for your continued confidence in Aviation Medicine Advisory Service.


AMAS welcomes our newest team members, Staff Physician Dr. Richard Montminy and Administrative Assistant Lori Way!


AMAS is proud to announce the renewal of our clients – Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Chantilly Air, Home Depot, and Redwood Aviation! Thank you for your continued confidence in Aviation Medicine Advisory Service.


AMAS is proud to announce our newest clients for the 1st quarter of 2017 – welcome Hunt Consolidated and Sanderson Farms!


Textron Safety Standdown, Wichita, KS – 4 Jan 2016

AMAS’ President & CEO Dr. Quay Snyder presented on Laser Hazards in Aviation as well as gave a second presentation on Assessing Fitness to Fly to the Test, Flight Engineering, and Demonstration pilots of Textron Aviation (Cessna, Beechcraft, and Hawker).

Aerospace Medical Association Executive Council, Houston, TX – November 19, 2015

AsMA held its semi-annual Executive Council meeting in conjunction with its scientific program committee meeting in Houston TX November 19.  AsMA is the international leader in aviation and space medicine.  The council meeting addressed enhancing its annual educational convention, the organization’s role in international aerospace medicine and its position on hot topics such as the Pilots Bill of Rights 2 and Pilot Mental Health.  AMAS’ President & CEO Dr. Snyder attended as an elected member of the Executive Council.  AsMA has recently published position papers on these key issues.  See

HIMS Outreach – Australia – November 11-12, 2015

AMAS’ President & CEO Dr. Snyder accompanied a US team including Dr. Make Berry (Deputy Federal Air Surgeon), Captain Corey Slone (ALPA HIMS National Chairman), Captain Chris Storbeck (former Chairman) and Dr. Kevin McCauley (addiction medicine) to Sidney, Australia for a HIMS Outreach training seminar.  Approximately 80 pilots and physicians attended the conference hosted by Qantas and Virgin Australia and attended by other airlines from the Pacific Rim and Australia. The attendees were seeking guidance on implementing a HIMS type program of safe reporting and job preservation for pilots treated for substance abuse.  Cultural variations between North America and Down Under added to the content of the presentations in November 2015.  The efforts by our Australian friends led to strong ties and robust communications focused on helping pilots in need and making airline operations safer while preserving lives.  AMAS and ALPA participate annually in several HIMS Outreach activities, both domestically and internationally.

Global Health in Aviation Conference

The United Nations World Food Programme held its 8th Annual Global Health Aviation Conference in Geneva Switzerland.  The conference is designed for pilots and flight departments operating in remote and hostile areas proving food and medical supplies to refugees from war zones and natural disasters.  Operators involved in the Humanitarian Air Service fly aircraft from small single-engine aircraft, large jet transports and all sizes of helicopters into remote and unprepared landing sites under contract with the UN. Dr. Snyder gave a presentation, “Are Your Fit To Fly? – I’M SAFE!” providing strategies for pilot self-assessment in the absence of medical support and unique hazards in environmentally challenging and isolated locations. See

FADAP, Baltimore, MD – September 9-11, 2015

Captain Corey Slone and AMAS’ President & CEO Dr. Quay Snyder attended the Flight Attendants’ Drug and Alcohol Program training seminar in Baltimore Maryland in September.  Similar to the HIMS program for pilots, FADAP provides assistance to flight attendants afflicted by substance abuse and dependence.  Approximately 250 attendees learned from a variety of mental health professionals and networked with treatment providers.  See

HIMS Seminar, Denver, CO – August 31 – September 2, 2015

AMAS hosted the joint FAA – ALPA HIMS Basic Education Seminar in Denver CO  August 31 – September 2, 2015, to a record-setting audience of 350.  The seminar’s purpose is the education of pilots, airline management, AME’s and mental health professionals about the FAA’s extremely successful program of identifying, treating and safely returning pilots to the cockpit who are afflicted by alcoholism and chemical dependence. To date, over 5,400 professional pilots have been successfully regained medical certification.  Many are now in HIMS leadership positions in their airlines and unions.  AMAS’ President & CEO Dr. Quay Snyder is the national HIMS Program Manager and Captain Corey Slone of United Airlines, ALPA National HIMS Chairman, gave multiple presentations along with FAA Headquarters physicians, addiction medicine specialists and pilot leaders and also hosted the seminar.  All AME’s who serve as Independent Medical Sponsors for pilots with substance abuse problems or who use antidepressant medications must attend this training regularly.  Information on the HIMS Program is available at


AMAS announces our newest clients – Welcome HealthSouth Aviation!


HIMS Advanced Topics Seminar, Herndon, VA – May 21-22, 2015

On May 21-22, 2015, the 3rd annual HIMS Advanced Topics Seminar was held at the Air Line Pilots Association’s Conference Center in Herndon, VA.  This invitation-only seminar was held under the auspices of the FAA HIMS Contract to ALPA, which is administered by AMAS.  It is specifically tailored for individuals who have several years of experience in HIMS programs in the aviation industry.  Persons invited to attend were those who have previously participated in a HIMS Basic Seminar and include Airline Managers, Pilot Peer Volunteers, Employee Assistance Personnel, Addiction Counselors, Substance Abuse Evaluation Professionals and selected FAA-designated HIMS Independent Medical Sponsor (IMS) physicians.  Attendees heard presentations and participated in discussions regarding the current state of HIMS (both nationally and at specific carriers), concerns and difficulties regarding diagnosis, treatment, case management, relapse prevention, release from monitoring, and the impact of FAA policy.  For more information, please visit

Flight Safety Foundation’s Business Aviation Safety Seminar, Westin, FL – May 13, 2015

AMAS’ President and CEO Dr. Snyder gave a presentation on Assessing Pilot Fitness for Duty and Treating the Failing Aviator – Closing Pandora’s Box.  He chairs the NBAA Safety Committee’s Fitness for Duty working group and reported on results of over 50 evaluations conducted to date.  The FSF and NBAA directly addressed one of the  NTSB’s 10 Most Wanted List items in its fitness for duty education efforts.

Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA) Annual Scientific Meeting, Orlando, FL – May 11-14, 2015

AMAS’s Dr. Phil Parker and President and CEO Dr. Quay Snyder attended multiple sessions and meetings at the convention of aerospace medicine specialists from around the world.  Dr. Snyder serves on AsMA’s Executive Council.  Recently AsMA updated its previously published policy paper on assessing pilot mental health in wake of the Germanwings accident.

Cessna Customer Care Conference, Wichita, KS – April 28, 2015

Cessna Aircraft Company, recently combined under Textron with Beechcraft and Hawker, hosted an annual customer support conference for aircraft owners.  AMAS’ President and CEO Dr. Snyder presented information on Preserving and Protecting Your Medical Certificate.  He also attended an open session for private responses to medical certification inquiries from owners.

We’ve Moved!

AMAS has relocated to a new office. Our new location:

Aviation Medicine Advisory Service
7000 S. Yosemite Street, Suite 110
Centennial, CO 80112

The phone numbers will remain the same — 1-866-AEROMED (237-6633) or (720) 857-6117 and ALPA pilots can still reach us at (303) 341-4435. Business inquires are still handled on our business line at (303) 341-5220.

Denver Police and Fire Fighters, Denver CO – April 24, 2015

Using the HIMS model as a template to assisting its first responders with potential substance abuse problems, Denver Safety held an informational session to explore providing similar services. AMAS’ President and CEO Dr. Snyder gave presentations on the disease model of addiction, Identification and Intervention, Treatment and Monitoring for a safe, productive return to work.

Cornerstone Recovery Center – April 21, 2015

Cornerstone Recovery Center hosted its annual pilot retreat and recovery event April 20 -23 this year.  AMAS’ President and CEO Dr. Snyder gave a presentation on the 40 year history of the HIMS program, a collaborative effort between pilot unions, airline employers, addiction medicine physicians/psychologists and the FAA for pilots with substance abuse.  The HIMS program offers medical certification for those pilots with successful treatment for their disease and a return to professional flying.  Recently, the FAA has extended the HIMS program to GA pilots.  To date, over 5,000 pilots have returned to flying under this program.

Airline Pilots Association (ALPA) International Pilot Assistance (PA) Forum, Washington, DC – April 1-2, 2015

ALPA hosted its biennial Pilot Assistance Forum addressing support of pilots benefiting from support for various physical, psychological and psychiatric needs.  The PA group of ALPA consists of Aeromedical, Critical Incident Response Program (CIRP), HIMS (assistance for pilots with substance abuse problems), Professional Standards and Canadian Pilot Assistance.  AMAS’ President and CEO Dr. Snyder moderated a panel with Dr. James Fraser, FAA Federal Air Surgeon, and Dr. David Salisbury, Medical Director, Civil Aviation, Transport Canada. The 90-minute session covered a wide spectrum of aeromedical issues including examining the administrative and regulatory safeguards in place for pilot mental health balanced by pilots rights, sleep apnea, UAS operators, occupational health monitoring for pilots and others.  An active Q&A session followed engaging all three physicians.  Dr. Snyder also co-hosted sessions on Aeromedical issues and HIMS support.

International Operators Conference, San Antonio, TX – March 25, 2015

The NBAA hosted its annual IOC event for flight departments operating business aircraft across the world.  A “Medical Hot Topics” panel discussed a variety of topics.  Moderated by Debbi Laux, the panel included Dr. Petra Illig of the CDC discussing quarantine operations, Dr. Paulo Alves of MedAire discussing in-flight medical response and AMAS’s Dr. Quay Snyder presenting on assessing pilots’ fitness for flight and safe return to duty of the “failing aviator.”

National Virtual Aviation Standdown, March 21, 2015

In a first ever national webinar co-hosted by Advocates for Aviation Safety Foundation (  and the FAA Safety Team ( ), several thousand pilots “virtually” attended three presentations focusing on safe operations and pilot Aeronautical Decision Making.  AMAS’ President and CEO Dr. Quay Snyder and Gene Benson jointly presented information on pilot health, medication effects and cognitive/mental assessment of safety for flight.  Two of the NTSB’s 10 Most Wanted List items – Fitness for Duty and eliminating Impairing Substances in Transportation – were the foundation of the presentation.  FAA Wings credit was awarded for all registered attendees.

Delta Pilot Assistance Network, Atlanta, GA – March 16-18, 2015

Delta Airlines ALPA Master Executive Council hosted a 3-day event to address pilot mental health issues and how to best support pilots in need of support.  The event was attended by union peer pilot support volunteers, chief pilots, union and company financial support organizations, and EAP.  AMAS’ President and CEO gave four presentations on psychological health, counseling, and treatment for pilots.  Also attending and participating on a physician panel were FAA physicians from the Federal Air Surgeon’s office, the Southern Regional Flight Surgeon’s office, and Delta Airlines Medical Consultants.  Dr. Snyder also presented strategies for assessing a pilot’s fitness for flight using Aeronautical Decision Making and the I’M SAFE checklist.

Air Charter Safety Foundation Safety Standdown, Dulles, VA – March 11-12, 2015

The Air Charter Safety Foundation held its annual Safety Standdown at the NTSB Training facility in Dulles, VA.  AMAS’ President and CEO Dr. Snyder provided a presentation on assessing personal safety for flight and FAA medical certificate preservation.  The Air Charter Safety Foundation leads and supports the advancement of the highest safety standards available to allow the business, charter and fractional ownership industry to offer the safest air transportation products in the world and to provide objective information about these standards and services to the public.  For more information, visit

26th Annual International Women in Aviation (WAI) Conference, Dallas, Texas – March 5-7, 2015

AMAS staff physician Dr. Paula Corrigan, who also serves as the WAI Aeromedical Advisor, presented on, “Hot Topics for FAA Medical Certification.”


AMAS announces our newest clients – Welcome Dassault Falcon Jet Corp!


Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) Leadership Conference, Herndon, VA – February 10-12, 2015

The Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA) held its annual Leadership Conference in its Herndon, VA facility on February 10-12, 2015.  AMAS’ President and CEO, Dr. Snyder, who also serves as the ALPA Aeromedical Advisor, gave a presentation to the newly elected leaders describing AMAS’s services for ALPA pilots and a follow-up discussion for the spouses of the elected representatives.  ALPA also filmed a video touting the value of AMAS’s services and long history supporting ALPA as part of its national membership campaign. To find out more information, visit


AMAS announces our newest clients – Welcome Victory Aviation, Google, Inc., and CR Aviation Pilots!


NBAA Annual Risk Assessment Strategy Meeting, San Diego, CA, January 21-22, 2015

The NBAA Safety Committee held its annual Risk Assessment Strategy meeting in San Diego on January 21-22.  Guest speakers included NTSB Member Dr. Earl Weener and FAA Safety Team (FAAST) manager Kevin Clover.  AMAS’ Dr. Snyder, Team Lead for the Fitness For Duty Working Group, presented the results of the 2014 Fitness For Duty (FFD) efforts and plans for the next two years.  The FFD Working Group will directly address two of the NTSB’s 2015 10 Most Wanted Items:  Fitness For Duty and Ending Substance Impairment in Aviation.  AMAS currently has programs in place addressing both of these safety critical areas for its clients.

St. Louis Aviation Training Seminar (SLATS), St. Louis, MO, January 6-8, 2015

The Greater St. Louis Business Aviation Association started 2015 off with a 3-day Safety Standdown.  Dr. Snyder gave an interactive morning session to approximately 60 attendees from corporate aviation departments on 7 January on FAA medical certification policies, assessing Fitness for Duty, protecting a pilot’s medical certificate and risk mitigation strategies for corporate medical exams/pilot benefit programs.

NBAA Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (BACE), Orlando, FL, October 21-23, 2014

AMAS’s President and CEO, Dr. Quay Snyder, was presented with the NBAA Safety Committee’s first Meritorious Service Award on October 20, 2014. Dr. Snyder has served on the NBAA’s Safety Committee since 2003. He previously worked on the Single-Pilot Safety working group, the Fatigue Duty/Rest Guidelines Working Group and currently chairs the Fitness for Duty working Group, a Safety Focus area for NBAA through 2016. He has also been appointed to the newly formed working group on Part 91.211 supplemental oxygen requirements.

Dr. Snyder also gave several presentations on behalf of the NBAA Safety Committee during the BACE.

His first presentation included serving as a moderator and speaker on the topic of conducting an equitable evaluation of a pilots’ fitness for duty when problems are noted in performance. Based on experience in conducting these evaluations, Snyder found that approximately 2/3 of the pilots were able to successfully return to duty are identifying and treating previously undiscovered medical conditions. Dr. Paulo Alves addressed the cause of acute incapacitation of aircrew and Peter Agur, Chairman of VanAllen Group gave an elegant solution for managing the aging aviator and cognitive decline.

Dr. Snyder’s second presentation and panel participation on Ebola updates were televised in front of a standing room only crowd. Dr. Snyder presented the science and chronology of the Ebola epidemic with a discussion of the governmental response and individual protective measures. Dr. Paulo Alves from MedAire discussed individual cases and in-flight responses to inquiries. Captain Michael Ott of Phoenix Air discussed his experience in flying the aircraft evacuating a dozen Ebola patients and the procedures for handling such patients.

Dr. Snyder’s third presentation covered the science of fatigue and risk mitigation strategies for fatigue for pilots, including pharmacological management and in-flight techniques to improve alertness. Captain Craig Hanlon, Chief Pilot for Merck, Sharp and Dohme offered his company’s policies for fatigue management and duty/Rest Guidelines.

For more information, visit 

Bombardier Safety Standdown USA – Witchita, KS, October 6 – 9, 2014

The world premier aviation safety event is held annually in Wichita, KS with over 500 attendees in person and web attendees from 6 continents.  Dr. Snyder gave one of the plenary presentations on “Laser Hazards in Aviation” on 7 October followed by a 4-hour workshop on “FAA Medical Certification – Maintaining and Regaining Certificates – Improving Health & Enhancing Safety”.  To view recordings of the plenary sessions, click here!

National Aviation Hall of Fame Enshrinement – Dayton, OH, October 4, 2014

Aviation’s greatest heroes are recognized and their stories are told in the NAHF located in Dayton, OH within the US Air Force Museum.  The annual “Oscars of Aviation” Enshrinement ceremony held on October 4 added six new members.  Dr. Snyder serves on the Board of Trustees of the NAHF, a Congressionally chartered non-profit organization, and participated in the Board meeting weekend and Enshrinement Ceremony for 2014.  See the National Aviation Hall of Fame – “Where Legends Land and Dreams Take Flight” 

AMAS announces its partnership with, founded in 2005, provides business aviation flight departments around the globe with a single, online source for customized safety training.’s comprehensive training is developed by industry-leading Subject Matter Experts and delivered via 15-minute lessons throughout the year, ensuring that all regulatory and currency requirements are met. has recently signed an agreement with AMAS to develop innovative online training on aeromedical topics.

“We’re very pleased to be working with Dr. Snyder and AMAS,” said Nik Chapman, VP Operations at “Given their many years of expertise in this field, and’s focus on simplicity and excellence in our online training model, we look forward to working together to develop aeromedical training that is second to none.”

For more information, visit’s booth at the NBAA 2014 Convention (#3876), where Dr. Snyder and other subject matter experts will be on hand to answer questions at various times during the event.

Citation Jet Pilots – White Sulphur Springs, WV, September 17 – 21, 2014

The CJP Owners and Pilots Association held its annual convention on September 17-21 at the Greenbrier Resort in WV.  Dr. Snyder was one of the speakers during the day-long “Be the Best You Can Be” session on the topic of “Protecting Your FAA Medical Certificate.”

HIMS Seminar – Denver, CO, September 8 – 10, 2014

AMAS hosted the annual HIMS conference under a contract from the FAA to the Air Line Pilots Association.  The 2 ½ day conference held in Denver marked the 40th anniversary of the HIMS program, a cooperative effort between the airlines, the FAA pilot unions and medical providers to identify, treat, and return pilots with alcoholism and drug abuse safely to the cockpit under a rigorous monitoring program.  AMAS’s Dr. Don Hudson is the HIMS Program Manager and led the conference with the ALPA HIMS Chairman Captain Chris Storbeck.  Dr. Kurt McCartney and Dr. Quay Snyder gave presentations on drug and alcohol testing and substance of abuse in aviation.  All AMAS physicians attended the sessions targeted for Aviation Medical Examiners.  For more information on the HIMS program, visit

American Psychological Association (APA) HIMS Meeting – Washington, DC, August 6, 2014

The American Psychological Association invited Dr. Quay Snyder and Captain Chris Storbeck to give a presentation to its Police and First Responders section on “Lessons Learned from the Airline Industry Helps Impaired Pilots: Implications for Police and Public Safety Departments” at its annual meeting.  Snyder and Storbeck spoke about the evolution and structure of the joint FAA, airline, pilot and medical program termed “HIMS”.  The HIMS Program has over 40 years of successfully identifying, treating, rehabilitating and returning professional pilots with addiction to flying under a close monitoring program.  For more information about the HIMS Programs, please visit

Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) 60th Annual Air Safety Forum – Washington, DC, August 4 – 7, 2014

The Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA) hosted its 60th annual Air Safety Forum in Washington, DC.  It brought key safety advocates from pilot groups, industry, government, air traffic control, and airlines together for open discussion and exchange of ideas on improving safety in aviation in the current environment as well as anticipating strategies to deal with future threats.  The Pilot Health and Occupational Safety session featured Dr. James Fraser, FAA Federal Air Surgeon, Dr. David Salisbury, Director of Medicine, Civil Aviation for Transport Canada and AMAS’s Dr. Quay Snyder who is the ALPA Aeromedical Advisor.  A synopsis of the session is linked here and the full session is available on CSPAN linked here.


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US National Team in the World Gliding Championships – Leszno, Poland, July 24 – August 3, 2014

AMAS’s President & CEO, Dr. Quay Snyder participated as a ground crew member of the US National Soaring Team for this event, which is held every two years.  The competition was held in Leszno, Poland in July and August.  To view the event, click here.

American Diabetes Association – Washington, DC, June 27, 2014

AMAS senior physicians, Dr. Keith Martin, and Dr. Quay Snyder met with physicians and officials of the American Diabetes Association, joined by a representative of the Federal Air Surgeon to discuss possible changes in medical standards for pilots treated for diabetes with insulin.  The day-long session explored the possibility of establishing safe standards for insulin-requiring diabetic pilots to hold first and second class medical certification.


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The Cessna Pilot Center Conference – Wichita, KS, May 28, 2014

The Cessna and Hawker-Beechcraft managers featured a presentation by AMAS’s President & CEO, Dr. Quay Snyder, on “Tips and Traps in Maintaining Your FAA Medical Certification”.

Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA) Annual Scientific Conference  San Diego, CA, May 10-15, 2014

The AMAS physicians along with the majority of FAA physicians recently attended the AsMA meeting in San Diego.  They also participated in the annual meeting of the Airline Medical Director’s Association (Drs. Quay Snyder, Phil Parker, and Jon Riccitello are AMDA members) and the Civil Aviation Medical Association (CAMA) scientific program.  During the week, Drs. Quay Snyder and Don Hudson hosted a presentation panel titled, “HIMS – A 40 Year History of Airline Pilot Substance Abuse Treatment Success”.

NBAA Releases New Fatigue, Fitness for Duty Guidelines

The NBAA Safety Committee’s Fatigue Working Group released the updated 2014 Duty/Rest Guidelines for Business Aviation, a joint project of the NBAA and the Flight Safety Foundation.  AMAS President & CEO, Dr. Quay Snyder, served on the NBAA Safety Committee Fatigue Working Group and now chairs the NBAA Fitness For Duty Task Force, a key NBAA safety focus item for 2014.


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Casa Palmera Treatment Center  Del Mar, CA, April 25-26, 2014

Casa Palmera and its CEO, Barbara Woods, have been very active in successfully treating pilots with substance use disorders for years and assisting in their recovery and return to flight duties.  Casa is hosting its annual retreat for alumni pilots in recovery in late April and this year will include pilots not in recovery who participate in the FAA mandated monitoring of those who have completed treatment.  AMAS’s President & CEO, Dr. Quay Snyder, will be speaking to both groups, focusing on how those not in recovery can effectively  monitor pilots for signs of relapse.  He will also speak about the role of the Independent Medical Sponsor / Aviation Medical Examiner in coordinating a recovering pilot’s return to flight duties.  Attendance at the seminar is by invitation.  For more information on this event, visit their website at:

59th Business Aviation Safety Seminar (BASS)  San Diego, CA, April 16-17, 2014

AMAS’s President & CEO, Dr. Quay Snyder, was on hand to provide a presentation, “Hot Topics in FAA Medical Certification” at BASS (formerly known as the Corporate Aviation Safety Seminar), an annual forum for examining safety matters of special concern to business aviation in North America.  A report on the presentation was featured in the Flight Safety Foundation’s AeroSafety World magazine in the June 2014 issue [“Full Disclosure”  Pages 20-25].  In it’s Tips & Tools section, the NBAA Insider July/August 2014 issue (page 10) also summarized some of Dr.Snyder’s comments in the presentation.  This event, founded by Flight Safety Foundation (FSF) and co-sponsored by the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), was held April 16-17, 2014.  As an elected representative to the FSF Business Advisory Committee since 2003, Dr. Snyder also participated in the FSF BAC meeting the day prior to the event.

HIMS Advanced Topic Seminar  Herndon, VA, April 7-8, 2014

This event was hosted by the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l (ALPA), co-presented by AMAS’s HIMS Program Manager, Dr. Don Hudson, and ALPA HIMS National Chairman, Captain Chris Storbeck, and drew just under 100 participants from around the aviation industry.  Unlike the HIMS Basic Education Seminar, the target audience invited to this event was drawn from veteran peer volunteer pilots, FAA physicians and airline EAP personnel who have previously attended a HIMS Basic Education Seminar and have experience in managing cases involving pilots suffering from alcoholism and other substance use disorders.  The 1.5-day event featured presentations and directed discussions of problem areas in identification, treatment, continuing care, FAA medical policy issues and monitoring of addicted pilots.  Particular areas of focus were compliance testing and the difficult problem of relapse prevention/detection.  Current news about dates and registration for HIMS Educational Events are available on the HIMS website at

“Pilot Health & Medical Certification – Aviation Safety Starts Here”  Herndon, VA, April 1, 2014

AMAS’s Chairman & Chief Business Development Officer, Dr. Keith Martin, represented AMAS at the recent pilot health symposium that was hosted by the Air Line  Pilots Association, Int’l (ALPA) and supported by the Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA).  The symposium focused on bringing together aeromedical leadership from the United States and Canada to discuss the current state of pilot health and medical certification issues that have critical implications for commercial aviation.  For more information on this event, visit the ALPA website’s Fast Read publication at


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International Operator’s Conference (IOC)  Tampa, FL, March 18-19, 2014

AMAS’s President & CEO, Dr. Snyder, spoke to nearly 1,000 pilots during the health forum of the NBAA’s International Operators Conference on March 19th in Tampa, FL..  His talk “Bedroom Breathlessness – Daytime Dangers:  A Sleep Apnea Primer” addressed the anatomy and physiology of obstructive sleep apnea, diagnostic criteria and treatment options, the associated medical risks and the dangers to aviation safety.  He concluded with an update on FAA policy changes and advice to pilots to maintain FAA medical certification.  During this meeting, he also conferred with Member Mark Rosekind, the NTSB’s sleep and fatigue expert, regarding ways to increase pilot’s awareness of this and other causes of fatigue.  IOC attendees are entitled to a 10% discount on individual case services by mentioning “IOC – Save10” when contacting AMAS.

Delta Airlines Meeting  Atlanta, GA, March 11-12, 2014

As  ALPA’s Aeromedical Advisor, Dr. Quay Snyder met with representatives of ALPA’s Delta Airlines Master Executive Council (MEC) and with the FAA Southern Regional Flight Surgeon and Delta’s Medical Advisor, Dr. Susan Northrup in March for a 2-day conference to discuss pilot certification processes, disability programs, fitness for duty evaluation and effectively identifying/assisting pilots facing significant psychological stressors.  The AMAS physicians support the Delta MEC’s Pilot Assistance Network through periodic training and regular consultation in  a cooperative effort to enhance safety, assist pilots in need and to preserve pilot careers.  Peer pilots volunteering in PAN offer lay support and guidance in a confidential manner while facilitating referrals to aeromedical expertise when appropriate.

25th Annual International Women in Aviation Conference  Orlando, FL, March 6-8, 2014

AMAS staff physician and Women in Aviation, International (WAI) aeromedical advisor, Dr. Paula Corrigan, presented an Education Session entitled “Hot Topics for FAA Medical Certification”.  She discussed the FAA medical certification process in general and then updated the audience on recent FAA medical policy changes to include Conditions AMEs Can Issue (CACIs), proposed changes to the obstructive sleep apnea policy, medication updates and tips for filling out the 8500-8 and taking the FAA medical examination. The session was interactive, with many questions answered from the audience concerning medical certification issues. Dr. Corrigan also answered questions one-on-one at an AMAS booth in the Exhibit Hall.  For more information on Women in Aviation, International, visit their site at  AMAS is proud to offer discounted case services to all WAI members in good standing.

NBAA Safety Meeting, Washington  DC, February 12, 2014

AMAS has maintained a presence on the  National Business Aviation Association’s Safety Committee for over a decade and its President & CEO, Dr. Quay Snyder, participates in their quarterly meetings.  His primary role is as the human factors and aeromedical expert for the Committee and NBAA.  He has been a member of the NBAA Fatigue Task Force which released new guidelines for business aviation fatigue mitigation in March 2014.  AMAS is again taking the lead as Dr. Snyder is now working as a key member of the Fitness For Duty Task Force, developing a program to help flight departments use a standardized approach to evaluating the aviator who may have subtle performance deficits that compromise safety.  A usable FFD product should be available in 2015.

Cessna Safety Standdown  Wichita, KS, January 24, 2014

Cessna Aircraft Company holds an annual Safety Standdown Day for its pilots in January.  AMAS’s President & CEO, Dr. Quay Snyder, was an invited speaker along with other well-known aviation safety experts including Dr. Tony Kern and Dr. Scott Shappell.  Dr. Snyder spoke on “FAA Medical Certification tips and Traps” and addressed current high-interest safety items from the FAA and NTSB.  Approximately 125 Cessna pilots attended.

Greater St. Louis Business Aviation Association (BAA) Safety Standdown  St. Louis, MO, January 14-16, 2014

The Greater St. Louis BAA held its second annual St. Louis Aviation Training Seminar (SLATS) January 14-16, 2014 in which area corporate flight departments received presentations on a variety of safety, operational and human performance topics.  The SLATS format was very interactive with active audience participation.  AMAS’s President & CEO, Dr. Snyder, gave a two-part presentation on FAA Medical Certification Standards and Pilot Health and Career Preservation Strategies.

I am extremely thankful for the advice and technical assistance from the AMAS Physicians. I would not have been successful without their diligence and encouragement. I strongly recommend their services to any aviator who has lost his/her medical certification. Read more
Steven Siry, Retired Los Angelos City Elementary School Principal, Private Pilot, Commercial Instrument, Multi-Engine Contact