Protecting Your Privacy

The AMAS staff is committed to protecting your privacy.

For general feedback and information requests, e-mail contact is through your e-mail address, which our experts cannot link with a specific individual unless you voluntarily provide your name or other contact information.

Those pilots and controllers requesting specific medical information through the Confidential Questionnaire service have additional security. All medical information from the pilot to AMAS is stored on a secure server. Credit card information is processed through secured server layer (SSL) technology via VeriSign, the industry standard in merchant processing. Responses to inquiries are not encrypted, but do not contain any identifying information other than an e-mail address, unless provided by you.

For those pilots and controllers who request AMAS experts to actively advocate and represent their specific interests with the FAA, we use written consent forms prior to release of any information. Even with written authorization from the pilot, our physicians will fully discuss certification issues and potential outcomes with the pilot before forwarding information to any outside source. Because we are not performing FAA medical examinations or acting as AME’s or your treating physician, we have no legal obligation to notify any agency of a medical condition. The pilot is then able to make a fully informed decision concerning aeromedical reporting actions and have expert assistance in doing so, if desired. Please note, however, that since safety and airmen’s health are the cornerstones to our profession, we will not misrepresent or mislead the FAA in airman submissions.

Aviation Medicine Advisory Service does not accept advertising on its web site and does not release any information on any pilot we work with to any organization, company, advertisers, marketing organizations or individuals.

Your privacy is of paramount importance to us and is the cornerstone of our service to pilots and controllers. We will protect it!

Notices of Privacy Policies

Although our practice is unique in character and process from other medical practices, protecting each of our client’s privacy is of paramount importance to our staff. We actively take every feasible step to protect each of our clients’ privacy.

For a full explanation of our Privacy Policies, please select the link below. All forms are formatted in PDF files and can be downloaded for free with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Aviation Medicine Advisory Service Notice of Privacy Policy